Jeremy was born on January 30, 2002 in dramatic fashion!  He was in quite a hurry to get here and after a frantic drive to the hospital; he was born only 15 minutes after we got there.  He seemed very robust in the beginning, but because of his brother’s history of immunodeficiency, we were always on alert.

It did not take long for us to realize that Jeremy was also in trouble.  After numerous ear infections, sinus infections, chronic diarrhea and malabsorbtion, difficulty gaining weight and a few pneumonias and hospitalizations, Jeremy was also diagnosed with an immunde deficiency shortly after the age of 1—an early diagnosis we were grateful for—he would not have to suffer as long as Benjamin.

Jeremy was placed on prophylactic antibiotics, but as with his brother this was not enough to keep him healthy and we began IVIG therapy for Jeremy when he was 18 months old.  This entailed a 3 hour IV infusion every 3 weeks at Children’s Hospital.  Eventually we were able to have both boys receive their IVIG at home from a visiting nurse.

But although Jeremy tolerates his therapy well, he still has a serious infections from time to time.  He had a strep throat infection that did not clear with antibiotics and progressed to pneumonia (and a week in the hospital); another year is was toxic cervical lymphadenitis (an infection of the lymph nodes in his neck) that caused a fever over 106 and sepsis and earned him another week in the hospital.  Last year, Jeremy got a terrible case of the flu that required admission to the hospital for several days, and it was discovered that he is also having issues with severe autoimmune neutropenia (a new component of his immune disorder).  When he is severely neutropenic, Jeremy must either be hospitalized or isolated at home to protect him from germs, since he cannot fight them off on his own.  He also contracted mononucleosis and an enlarged spleen that kept him out of school and actvities for a couple of weeks.  During this illness, he suffered 3 seizures.  All in all, Jeremy missed several weeks of school last year due to illness and isolation.

Jeremy has a lust for life that can be infectious!  He is the "life of the party" so to speak, and is a huge fan of legos, Star Wars, and anything related to animals, bugs and dinosaurs!  He also switched to subcutaneous immunoglobulin therapy weekly administered to 4 sites, and is tolerating it well.   As with his brothers, we strive for normalcy (and in our house it is normal!) and do our best to avoid situations that could put him at risk. 

We HOPE that our son will continue to do well and participate fully in school and in life as his older brother has been able to.  We HOPE that his therapy will always be available, since we believe it has saved his life, and we are committed to doing whatever it takes to make sure that it will be.